POGOVOR S HELP! A Beatles Tribute / 29. julij 2020

Ernie: "Hey, you got your phone?"

Matic: "Yeah."

Ernie: "Do me a favour. Go to our website."

Matic: "Oooh, this is gonna take a few minutes, you know ..."

Ernie: "I got to check something."

2 minutes later

Ziga: "Hey! What are you guys doing?"

Ernie: "Just trying to go to our website. It's taking forever to open ..."

Ziga: "I know, yeah, that's normal."

Matic: "That shouldn't be normal."

2 minutes later

Anze: "Hey, what are you guys doing?"

Ernie, Matic, Ziga: "We're waiting for our website to open."

20 minutes later

Ernie: "Has this ever happened to you? We're HELP! a Beatles Tribute and this has been happening to us all the time. Until we called NEOSERV! We've got speedy internet connection to our website, and you can't beat them for their friendly and courteous help. Give them a call."

5 minutes later

Ernie: "Hey, can you go to our website?"

Matic: "Of course, check this out!"

Ziga: "Oh! Already there ..."

Ernie: "Now we're talking."

Ziga, Anze, Matic, Ernie: "NEOSERV!"

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