POGOVOR S KOLMS / 06. april 2021

Oglejte si, zakaj se je podjetje Kolms, ki deluje v Italiji in Švici, odločilo za gostovanje svoje spletne strani pri NEOSERV.

"Hey, we are Kolms.

We are a collective of creative minds and advertising professionals, specialized in creating content for high-end hotels.

Visual content has become an ever-present part of social media. Creating and achieving an effective campaign requires some careful thoughts and this is where we come in.

We produce high-quality content to display either on our website for our customers to enjoy. We know that the main program for I fidelity comment is that can't slow down the whole website especially when the traffic is very high.

For this reason, we needed a service that fully satisfies all our needs. This is why we decided to change the hosting provider and move our website to NEOSERV.

In the last few years with NEOSERV our website has always been fully functional and we never experience downtime.

If we need any help or just have any questions we know we can count on their friendly and extremely fast customer support. They usually reply within minutes and that is amazing.

We recommend NEOSERV simply think it's one of the best providers in Europe."

5.0 / 5.0
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